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Guardian Program

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Guardian Application Details

As a small in-home breeding program we always want our dogs to have loving homes! Our guardian home program allows us to give our breeding dogs wonderful homes full of love while also breeding them to allow families to add a wonderful breed to their homes! 

All of our breeding dogs are fully health tested. Once a puppy has been selected as a breeding dog, it will be placed in an approved Guardian Home. Our female breeding dogs come to The unFURgettables LLC the week prior to her due date and will stay with us receiving the royal mommy treatment until her puppies are fully weaned and she is able to return home. We expect the female to be with us for 7-9 weeks each breeding. She will have a total of four litters. We do allow for the guardian homes to visit mommy and her puppies because we know how much our guardian families love their dog and miss them while she is away with her puppies. Our male dog guardians will come to our home as needed for a few days, after a successful breeding has occurred the male will return home. All breeding expenses are covered by The unFURgettables LLC.  Upon completion of the Guardian Home contract, the dogs will be spayed/neutered at the expense of The unFURgettables LLC.

What Are The Qualifications To Be A Guardian Home?

  • The guardian home must live within 100 miles of The unFURgettables LLC (77365)

  • You must be willing to bring the guardian dog to The unFURgettables LLC when needed.

  • The guardian family is to provide their breeding dog with basic obedience training.

  • The guardian dog is to be up to date on vaccinations and grooming at all times. (Please research doodle grooming needs before applying)

  • The guardian home must provide pet insurance for the guardian dog.

  • A high quality food must be fed for the span of the breeding commitment, we prefer Nature's Select which is what we feed all of our dogs and puppies but we can discuss the guardian family's preferences as well.  

  • The unFURgettables LLC must be notified when the female dog goes into heat.

  • Male breeding dogs cannot be bred by the guardian home with any female not provided by The unFURgettables LLC

  • Female dogs are not to be around intact males during her heat other than the male used for breeding by The unFURgettables LLC.

  • We prefer guardian homes to have a fenced yard for the safety of the breeding dog. 


If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for one of our dogs, please complete the application and submit to us.

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